While we had a “gem” of a good idea, we have thought about it further and even though many have shared already that they are getting their COVID vaccines and some even their second, we are pulling back on the tracking part of the project and instead offering  a portal for sharing stories of your vaccine experience — purely anonymous.  We will offer this page like a running thread of stories with no names (totally optional) unless you wish to include it.  You can begin at this link and check back often.


As everyone may know by now, as the portion of our Charbonneau community eligible for vaccination grows, so too does the frustration of trying to get an appointment for a vaccination. Keep in mind:

  • The number of people eligible for vaccination currently is far larger than the amount of vaccine doses sent to Oregon each week
  • The state is notified on the number of doses coming due to arrive 2 to 3 weeks ahead of time; about half of the doses coming are set aside to be “shot #2” for the folks who have already gotten their first vaccine
  • The terrible winter weather has created major delays in vaccine delivery across the country so states are not all getting the doses they were due to get.

Websites, phone lines and delayed appointments may result, but be patient. Eventually all of us will be able to get that much needed vaccination.

If you still are looking to find how to get your vaccine appointment, the Oregon Health Association website at https://govstatus.egov.com/OR-OHA-COVID-19 is still one of the better places to go or check out Charbonneaulive.com where there are a many resources that may be of help. We keep them as updated as possible.

Looking forward and being excited about when we can be back together again is still our goal, so please stay safe and stay well until then.

Lee Harker & Lynda Huber-Marshall
Co-Presidents, Charbonneau Women’s Association