Dear CWA Members:

I know that these past weeks have been very challenging to all of us; I see many of you out walking in the sunnier weather…with or without four-legged children. I am heartened by the smiles on your faces, the waves of the hands, and the cheerful greetings from a safe distance! All of these efforts are working as now our country is focusing on ways to reopen businesses carefully and safely.

Your board had its first “Virtual” Board meeting on April 6th and I wanted to share information with you since we obviously won’t be gathering in person. I know that the notices of the cancellations of our April and May events have gone out to all of you by email; not fun decisions to make but the right ones, keeping us safe.

The New Board Roster

The current board has put together a wonderful group of board members for the upcoming year. For the office of President, we are repeating past practices to lighten the load and build in the kind of flexibility that we all prefer. Lynda Huber-Marshall will be my Co-President for this coming year and then Lindy Anderson will be coming in to fill my spot for the following year. VP of Programs gains Margie Wiesenthal while Darlene Crosby and Arlene Kraft continue for one more year. Our dynamic Decorations Chairs, Gerri Gorney and Kathy Fuller will continue this coming year, as will our Treasurer, Lindy Anderson and our VP of Catering, Lynda Huber-Marshall.  Wine gains Laura Curran and the secretary position will be filled by Claudia DeVries. Our Membership/Nametags responsibilities will be handled by Paula Johnson and Cathy Renken. Our Publicity Chair Elaine Swyt continues as well this coming year with Lindy Anderson serving as her backup. This year’s co-chairs of the Fashion Show volunteered to manage next year’s show since they had already completed so much preparation.  Thanks go out to Robin Gowdy, Joanne Rader, Kathy Fisher, and Donna Bane for their efforts to-date. We bid reluctant farewells to Cindy Anglin, Steph Pump, Betsy Knudsen, and Susan Daly and want to thank them for all of their excellent support, comradeship, and “can-do” attitude.

Your CWA Board is sincerely hoping that the annual Community Information Day, usually held in late August, is able to happen this summer. If it does, expect to come by the CWA table and say “hi” to us when you sign up for next year.

I can only express the CWA Board’s sincere thanks to all of you who are members and hope that you continue your positive spirits.

Our May article in the Charbonneau Villager

Please check out our May Charbonneau Villager article “Mothering,” also viewable at this link, click here.

Be safe and stay in touch with loved ones and friends,

Lee Harker, President
The CWA Board of Directors