CWA Membership applications and the ability to reserve a table or individual seat for the Fashion Show Sept. 18, 2023 are now available in the Activity Center coat room counter.

CWA 2023-24 Membership (Sept. 2023-May 2024)

  • Complete one of the membership forms available on the website at or in the membership book on the coat room counter of the Activity Center.
  • In the book, write next to your name the check number of your $30 payment. (Checks are preferred as Claudia does not have a receipt book if you pay with cash).
  • Place the membership form along with a check for $30 in the CCC payment box at the entry door of the Activity Center or give to Claudia.

CWA Fall Fashion Show Sept. 18, 2023

  • If you become a 2023-24 CWA member you may make a reservation for our September Fashion Show luncheon now. CWA Members have reservation preference until Aug. 24 th. Non-Members may make reservations only Aug. 25 or later. All Reservations must be made by Noon Sept. 7 th . If we are sold out there will be a wait list. The cost is $40 for members, $45 for non-members
  • If you wish to host a table, the table reservation forms are inside this book. Please complete the form with those to sit at your table, write the check number in this book next to your name and turn the form and check for the proper amount for all at your table to Claudia or place the check and the table reservation form in the CCC payment box at the entry door of the Activity Center. (Until Aug. 25 th all members at your table must be 2023-24 paid members).
  • If you are a member and are making an individual reservation, write your check number next to your name and drop the check in the CCC payment box in the entry way or give it to Claudia.

Please note: Claudia helps us collect the checks, but is not a member of our organization.

If you have questions, please call Lynda Huber Marshall 503-422-5617 or Lindy Anderson 503- 784-9645.

Click here for an application

Click here for the pdf version of this email